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  • Future of fashion

    Fashion Week: New Personalities emerge from Established Names

    Share on Tumblr   The single most valuable intangible asset in a fashion business is the brand. It comprises between 50 – 60% of the company’s value (WIPO, 2013). The best method to capitalize on this value is to create unique images and define clear brand strategies. This is important both from a consumer point more »

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  • intellectual property in fashion

    Is intellectual property in fashion and luxury a relevant topic? You bet!

      A critical external risk that all managers of luxury goods and fashion companies are eager to protect themselves from is the infringement of their intellectual property rights, and in particular, brand dilution and the weakening of brand image. Lawyers are the best weapon luxury goods companies can use to enforce intellectual property in fashion more »

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  • Trade secrets

    Protection of trade secrets and craftsmanship: what is in the works?

    Share on Tumblr   In the legal field, craftsmanship is usually referred to as “know-how” or “trade secrets”. Unlike trademarks, copyright, designs and patents, trade secrets – which are an integral part of the creative strategy of 75% of companies in the European Union (“EU”) – do not currently benefit from strong protection granted by more »

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