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Trade secrets

Protection of trade secrets and craftsmanship: what is in the works?

Share on Tumblr   In the legal field, craftsmanship is usually referred to as “know-how” or “trade secrets”. Unlike trademarks, copyright, designs and patents, trade secrets – which are an integral part of the creative strategy of 75% of companies in the European Union (“EU”) – do not currently benefit from strong protection granted by more »

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Counterfeiting, an ancestral art! | Le Capital Special supplement

Share on Tumblr   Before being a victim of counterfeiters, France has for a long time been the specialist of copying products … from China! Le Capital journalist, Frédéric Brillet, interviews and quotes ialci president Annabelle Gauberti about the counterfeiting business now and then.   Read this article on the exponential growth of the counterfeiting more »

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Fashion law is becoming a ridiculously profitable industry | AFP

ialci president Annabelle Gauberti is quoted several times in this gritty article published by Agence France Press – AFP – in Business Insider and other publications, on the development and ascent of fashion law as a driving force in both the legal and luxury industries.   Fashion law is becoming a ridiculously profitable industry Here is more »