ialci has launched!

ialci has launchedWe are delighted to announce the foundation of ialci, the international association of lawyers for the creative industries. ialci has launched!

In March 2013, we founded ialci, to provide some awesome business and legal knowhow to the creative industries. Be it about music, film, fashion, luxury, life sciences, high tech or TV, ialci is here to enrich the collective knowledge database, which makes the creative industries run in an even more efficient and business-savvy way.

We have far-reaching projects and ambitions, which we will share with you soon.

The first one of these ambitious projects is the organisation of the law of luxury goods series, a group of 8 seminars on topical business and legal issues for the fashion and luxury sectors, which will be held in London and Paris. More on the law of luxury goods series on the “Events” section of ialci’s site.

For the moment, we wish ialci a long and fruitful existence, enriching the creative industries with great content and knowhow.

If you work as a lawyer in-house or in private practice, and if you are interested in becoming a member of the international association of lawyers for the creative industries, in order to join forces with other lawyers who are dedicated to serving the common goals of the creative industries, you can register your interest on your “join ialci” form and we will be in touch with you soon.

Annabelle Gauberti, President, and Emma Brady, Vice-President

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    ialci has launched!
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