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The international association of lawyers for the creative industries, ialci, was founded in March 2013, in order to provide useful and up-to-date business and legal knowhow to the creative industries.

Formed by a group of lawyers who regularly advise clients working in the music, film, fashion and luxury, high tech and art sectors, ialci’s main goal is to enhance the collective knowledge of the creative industries, by organising seminars, talks, events about, and by publishing articles, blogs, books on, business and legal topics of critical importance to the creative industries.

The international association of lawyers for the creative industries will launch a first large-scale event, entitled “the law of luxury goods series”, a group of eight seminars dedicated to the law of luxury goods and fashion, to be held in Paris and London. More about the luxury goods law series on our “events” section.

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If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on or @ialci1901.

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    ialci says “hello subscribers & Twitter followers!