Intellectual property in the fashion industry conference 2015 | IP Kat

ialci partners up with IP Kat to present cutting-edge one-day conference on intellectual property in the fashion industry: tailored advice from experts in the world of IP law and fashion

IP kat, ialci, Jeremy Phillips, Crefovi, Annabelle GaubertiOn 22 October 2015 in London, Annabelle Gauberti, president of ialci and founding partner of Crefovi, presented a (hopefully!) entertaining and engaging talk on “lawyering in the fashion sector and the work of the international association of lawyers for creative industries (ialci)“. During this training day, she provided many examples of her day-to-day practice for fashion and luxury businesses, both on the contentious and non-contentious side.

Very topical and relevant questions were being asked by conference-goers to her, in particular on the scope and function of interim injunctions in France, on forum shopping and the advantages conferred by the ECJ ruling “Pinckney” in relation to IP infringement over the internet, etc.

The IP Kat even published a charming review of Annabelle’s talk, in its prestigious pages, and Jeremy Phillips, the IP Kat himself, moderated with grace and panache the whole conference on 22 October 2015.

We, at ialci, had the opportunity to meet great in-house IP practitioners, during this conference, as well as to hear pearls of wisdom from Melissa Clarke, Deputy judge at the Intellectual property Enterprise court at the Royal Court of Justice in London, which was a treat!

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