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ialci’s members publish various articles, webinars, content and know-how, which is then set out on ialci’s webpages.

Managing IP

The rules on recovering costs | Managing Intellectual Property

Share on Tumblr   The possibility to recover costs in IP cases can be an important consideration in your litigation strategy, correspondents in Germany, Brazil, Canada, China, France, India, the UK and the United States answer six questions about their jurisdictions. ialci member Holger Alt wrote the German section of this article.   Read this article more »

Trade secrets

Protection of trade secrets and craftsmanship: what is in the works?

Share on Tumblr   In the legal field, craftsmanship is usually referred to as “know-how” or “trade secrets”. Unlike trademarks, copyright, designs and patents, trade secrets – which are an integral part of the creative strategy of 75% of companies in the European Union (“EU”) – do not currently benefit from strong protection granted by more »